_The Pro Divisions have now been filled in both the East and West Coast. The amateur division is about to be filled in the West Coast as well and we will have a schedule available shortly. So if you do not see your name on this list then you are probably in the amateur division and your schedule should be released anytime.


Pro Division
Chaotic Flea   vs  RD CombOeateR
Chaotic Flea   vs  V e g a M a n 2
Chaotic Flea   vs  rushton21
Chaotic Flea   vs  imakugotnext
Chaotic Flea   vs  Sweet Poison
RD CombOeateR  vs  V e g a M a n 2
RD CombOeateR  vs  rushton21
RD CombOeateR  vs  imakugotnext
RD CombOeateR  vs  Sweet Poison
V e g a M a n 2   vs  rushton21
V e g a M a n 2   vs  imakugotnext
V e g a M a n 2   vs  Sweet Poison
rushton21  vs  imakugotnext
rushton21  vs  Sweet Poison
imakugotnext  vs  Sweet Poison


Pro Division
Sh0wtimeEX  vs  EvilDante744
Sh0wtimeEX  vs  EOT 00000100
Sh0wtimeEX  vs  Steve the hawk
Sh0wtimeEX  vs  Sammz27
Sh0wtimeEX  vs  X BL00DY GuMZ x
EvilDante744   vs  EOT 00000100
EvilDante744   vs  Steve the hawk
EvilDante744   vs  Sammz27
EvilDante744   vs  X BL00DY GuMZ x
EOT 00000100  vs  Steve the hawk
EOT 00000100  vs  Sammz27
EOT 00000100  vs  X BL00DY GuMZ x
Steve the hawk  vs  Sammz27
Steve the hawk  vs  X BL00DY GuMZ x
Sammz27  vs   X BL00DY GuMZ x

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