_ Hello,

We are less than a week away from the Divisional match deadline (2/25/12). Most of you are doing a great job playing your matches and for that I am thankful. However we have a couple people that have not played a single match. With our current format this is fine as long as you get your matches in. The divisional match period is two weeks long and everyone is given 5 matches to play over that time period. You can get them all done the first day or the last day as long as you get them in. After 2/25/12 the challenge week will begin in which you will be given a single match to play over a one week time frame. That match will decide if you move up a division or drop a division. Some may have a forfeit win during the challenge week due to inactivity among fellow members. I am hoping that after the challenge week we will have weeded out all the players that are choosing not to play or choosing to no longer to compete in the league.

I understand that people have lives outside of street fighter. But please communicate with me if you are busy or are unable to play your matches. I don’t care if you don’t play a single match as long as you communicate with me and let me know what the problem is that way I can communicate with your opponents to let them know what is going on. Also if you are having trouble locating or playing your opponents please let me know and I will speak with them.

The league has started off pretty hot and hopefully we can keep the hype going and mold this into a great league. I thank everyone that has joined I couldn’t do this with out you and as always if you have any questions feel free to email me any time or send me an xbox live message or facebook message, best of luck to everyone.


Brandon Tate


_Congratulations to m1n1ca, she is the first league member to complete all her divisional matches. She is setting a high standard for all you boys and girls out there. M1n1ca is currently in first place in the West Coast Amateur division and will play a member of the Pro Division during the challenge week look for her to move quickly up the ladder as she is definitely headed for a showdown with the champ. Best of luck to everyone else lets keep the results coming in.

_ RD Supergriff is making a claim that he was rightfully granted champion with a tough win over Phaze12490. Phaze12490 who came into the league one of three people with over 4000 PP still has a shot to claim the title during challenge week as long as he finishes in the top 3 in his division. Good luck to all and lets keep the results coming in.

BP and PP were updated today 2/12/12 check out where you stand.
Hello and welcome to the first Season of the SFXOL. Season one officially begins today. Please visit sfxol.weebly.com and check the weekly schedule to find your matches. Matches must be completed by 2/25/12. Good luck to everyone and please let me know if you have anymore questions.  ScubaSteve253,  Espada Tiburon and Virooster as you guys are the newest members to your division your matches will be set up as new people join so stay tuned and I will also email you your matches directly. 

Also you can visit our facebook page  http://www.facebook.com/groups/317171341651489/ 
or our SRK forum page to communicate with members, 


Brandon Tate
_Amateur Division
j1982m  vs  Sir Deimos
j1982m  vs  m1n1ca
j1982m  vs  Doctor Rouse
j1982m  vs  Professor Rouse
j1982m  vs  alienhominid200
Sir Deimos  vs  m1n1ca
Sir Deimos  vs  Professor Rouse
Sir Deimos  vs  Doctor Rouse
Sir Deimos  vs  alienhominid200
m1n1ca  vs  Professor Rouse
m1n1ca  vs  Doctor Rouse
m1n1ca  vs  alienhominid200
Professor Rouse  vs  Doctor Rouse
Professor Rouse  vs  alienhominid200
Doctor Rouse  vs  alienhominid200
_The Pro Divisions have now been filled in both the East and West Coast. The amateur division is about to be filled in the West Coast as well and we will have a schedule available shortly. So if you do not see your name on this list then you are probably in the amateur division and your schedule should be released anytime.


Pro Division
Chaotic Flea   vs  RD CombOeateR
Chaotic Flea   vs  V e g a M a n 2
Chaotic Flea   vs  rushton21
Chaotic Flea   vs  imakugotnext
Chaotic Flea   vs  Sweet Poison
RD CombOeateR  vs  V e g a M a n 2
RD CombOeateR  vs  rushton21
RD CombOeateR  vs  imakugotnext
RD CombOeateR  vs  Sweet Poison
V e g a M a n 2   vs  rushton21
V e g a M a n 2   vs  imakugotnext
V e g a M a n 2   vs  Sweet Poison
rushton21  vs  imakugotnext
rushton21  vs  Sweet Poison
imakugotnext  vs  Sweet Poison


Pro Division
Sh0wtimeEX  vs  EvilDante744
Sh0wtimeEX  vs  EOT 00000100
Sh0wtimeEX  vs  Steve the hawk
Sh0wtimeEX  vs  Sammz27
Sh0wtimeEX  vs  X BL00DY GuMZ x
EvilDante744   vs  EOT 00000100
EvilDante744   vs  Steve the hawk
EvilDante744   vs  Sammz27
EvilDante744   vs  X BL00DY GuMZ x
EOT 00000100  vs  Steve the hawk
EOT 00000100  vs  Sammz27
EOT 00000100  vs  X BL00DY GuMZ x
Steve the hawk  vs  Sammz27
Steve the hawk  vs  X BL00DY GuMZ x
Sammz27  vs   X BL00DY GuMZ x
_Results as of 2/9/12

West Coast Elite Division
Phaze12490 ove El Remolino4

West Coast All-Pro Division
flash house  overDonoisMcLovin
DonoisMcLovin over IronDrftr21
XxXxGUNZxXxX over flash house

West Coast Pro Division
RD CombOeateR over V e g a M a n 2

East Coast All-Pro Division
LIL L90 over Juice2403
LIL L90 over Draman Kuritani
Draman Kuritani  overJuice2403
_First League Video Uploaded, FAQS Added and can anyone stop LIL L90?

The first league video has been added to the website. Videos are located under the conferences tab. We have also added an FAQ portion of the website under the more tab. If you have more questions than this feel free to email them to me.

LIL L90 is making a good run through the East Coast Division and looks to take a shot at the championship. He has already won 3 games and he needs only win 2 more to officially lock up the #1 seed for the challenge week.

Lets keep those results coming in and keep this league flowing good luck to all.