_El Remolino took a bite out of the champs armor beating him in league play 2-1. This may set up a rematch for the championship during the challenge week.
_Current Top Records
anth0nygamer       (5-0)
RD CombOeateR     (5-0)
LIL L90                  (4-0)
m1n1ca                 (4-1)
_Congratulations to m1n1ca, she is the first league member to complete all her divisional matches. She is setting a high standard for all you boys and girls out there. M1n1ca is currently in first place in the West Coast Amateur division and will play a member of the Pro Division during the challenge week look for her to move quickly up the ladder as she is definitely headed for a showdown with the champ. Best of luck to everyone else lets keep the results coming in.

_Results as of 2/9/12

West Coast Elite Division
Phaze12490 ove El Remolino4

West Coast All-Pro Division
flash house  overDonoisMcLovin
DonoisMcLovin over IronDrftr21
XxXxGUNZxXxX over flash house

West Coast Pro Division
RD CombOeateR over V e g a M a n 2

East Coast All-Pro Division
LIL L90 over Juice2403
LIL L90 over Draman Kuritani
Draman Kuritani  overJuice2403