_Everyone Come and watch the SFXOL live League Stream Fights Tuesday from 6-9 PM PST


You can visit that website and chat, watch and discuss matches.
There will be 5 First to 5 matches, Should be some awesome fights!

BREAKING News: PJS Winning 24/7 is now the premiere streamer of the SFXOL (Street Fighter Xbox Online League). This Tuesday 9PM ET, it is RANK UP Week, with division rankings on the line. Win and be promoted, lose and fall down.

This Week:
(Elite) #3 (4-1) El Remolino4 vs (Elite) #2 (4-1) Phaze12490
(A Division) (2-1) #2 NGDriftwood vs (All-Pro) (5-0)#1 XxXxGUNZxXxX
(Champion) (4-1) #1 RD Supergriff vs (West Coast Pro) (4-1) #1 m1n1ca
(All-Pro #2) 3-1 flash house vs (Pro #1) 5-0 RD CombOeateR

(All-Pro) (4-1) #2 Draman Kuritani vs (Amateur) (5-0) #1anth0nygamer

Please Come and watch and support your league.


Brandon Tate
 The challenge match schedule has been posted on the website. Deadline for completing these matches is 3/3/12


Our first divisional week was a huge success and I hope that success continues onto challenge week. I have written down names and am working on the live stream schedule for Tuesday night. To help me please send me your name and your match and I will try to get it locked in with PJS WINNING so I can start to give everyone a time to play there match. Again if anyone has any questions feel free to message me at anytime and if you are having trouble locating or contacting opponents please let me know. I am updating Conferences and Divisions now based on records and that should be completed by the end of the day. I will update BP and PP on Monday.


Brandon Tate

Hello everyone we are less than three days away from the end of our first Divisional Week period. When everyone has a chance please visit the Weekly Schedule setctoin of the website and veriy that I have all your matches recorded and the correct winners recorded as well.

When the Divsional Week ends the challenge matches will begin. During the challenge match week everyone in the league will have either 1 or two matches depneding on there league seeding. The top 3 seeds in every division but the Elite Division will play the bottom 3 seeds from the next highest division. The winner is placed in higher division the loser is placed in the lower division.

Originally the 3 lowest seeds in the league were going to have a bye during the challenge week. But I feel that the bottom 3 seeds in the league are the members that are looking for more matches so I feel it is unfair to them to sit them out. So instead they will play each other. #5 and #6 will play and the winner plays the #4 seed. The winner will get an extra win going into the next divisional week. This will allow them to play more matches and will also give them a better opportunity to get a higher seed in divisional play.

The #2 and #3 seed in the Elite Division will play each other with the winner moving on to play the play the champion in a best 3 out of 5 match for the championship. The champion no matter what record during the Divisional Week will hold the #1 seed going into the Challenge Week because he can only be knocked off as champion during the challenge week. The benefit of being the #2 seed is that you are coming out of the winners bracket and if you lose to the #3 seed in best 2 out of 3 matches then the bracket resets and you will play him again in a final best 2 out of 3 matches. If the #2 seed wins the first 2 out of 3 matches then he moves on. However there is also a 3-way tie no clear Tie Breaker clause.

3-way tie no clear Tie Breaker clause.
If there is a 3 way tie at the top of the Elite Division and there is no clear tie breaker than the match between the #2 and #3 seed will become a best 3 out of 5 match winner take all match.
_El Remolino took a bite out of the champs armor beating him in league play 2-1. This may set up a rematch for the championship during the challenge week.
_Current Top Records
anth0nygamer       (5-0)
RD CombOeateR     (5-0)
LIL L90                  (4-0)
m1n1ca                 (4-1)
If you want your videos uploaded to the website and do not have the technology to do please save them and set up a time with me (RD CombOeater) and I will upload them for you, thanks.
Take a look at our videos section you can browse by week or by fighter.
_BBOYRICKSTER has been removed from the league if you have a scheduled match against him you will receive a win.


Brandon Tate
_ Hello,

We are less than a week away from the Divisional match deadline (2/25/12). Most of you are doing a great job playing your matches and for that I am thankful. However we have a couple people that have not played a single match. With our current format this is fine as long as you get your matches in. The divisional match period is two weeks long and everyone is given 5 matches to play over that time period. You can get them all done the first day or the last day as long as you get them in. After 2/25/12 the challenge week will begin in which you will be given a single match to play over a one week time frame. That match will decide if you move up a division or drop a division. Some may have a forfeit win during the challenge week due to inactivity among fellow members. I am hoping that after the challenge week we will have weeded out all the players that are choosing not to play or choosing to no longer to compete in the league.

I understand that people have lives outside of street fighter. But please communicate with me if you are busy or are unable to play your matches. I don’t care if you don’t play a single match as long as you communicate with me and let me know what the problem is that way I can communicate with your opponents to let them know what is going on. Also if you are having trouble locating or playing your opponents please let me know and I will speak with them.

The league has started off pretty hot and hopefully we can keep the hype going and mold this into a great league. I thank everyone that has joined I couldn’t do this with out you and as always if you have any questions feel free to email me any time or send me an xbox live message or facebook message, best of luck to everyone.


Brandon Tate


_Congratulations to m1n1ca, she is the first league member to complete all her divisional matches. She is setting a high standard for all you boys and girls out there. M1n1ca is currently in first place in the West Coast Amateur division and will play a member of the Pro Division during the challenge week look for her to move quickly up the ladder as she is definitely headed for a showdown with the champ. Best of luck to everyone else lets keep the results coming in.